Examen final- Ingles A1

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Examen final- Ingles A1

Mensaje por Sugey Hernandez el Vie Nov 25, 2016 10:37 pm


Name:_________________________________ Date:___________________

1. Underline the correct answer:

a. My mother does the housework herself/himself
b. I prepared this work ourselves/myself
c. She made this cake herself/myself
d. My mother and I do the shopping myself/ourselves
e. Karen cuts her hair herself/himself
f. Sue and Jhon prepare the dinner ourselves/themselves
g. I introduced myself/ourselves to the tourist

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable pronouns.

a. _______ washed the dishes myself
b. _______ ate her meal herself
c. _______ do my homework myself
d. _______ watched the ourselves
e. _______ takes care of the baby herself
f. _______ played outside themselves
g. _______ goes to the sport center himself
h. _______ like walking outside myself
i. _______ sleeps in the bed itself
j. _______ drives to work himself

3. Fill in the blanks with suitables pronouns.

a. Our friends and we go to school ________
b. My father does his work _________
c. Susan cuts the trees ________
d. My mother and father decorate the house ________
e. Jonnhy and I did the project ________
f. My grandparents went on a vacations trip ________
g. Fabiane cooked this delicious meal ________
h. Our teacher plans the lesson ________
i. Our cat drinks the milk ________

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